1. Conceptual feat. Dream & So Jin

    Date 14 Sep 2018
    For So Jin and I’s 6th collaboration we added complexity.   I first noticed Dream, a friend of So Jin’s, from So Jin’s social media.  At the time I thought she  had an interesting look and filed the thought away.  I’m always on the lookout for a makeup artist to collaborate with.…

  2. MVs

    Date 02 Sep 2018
    As personal projects I’ve made a few music videos over the years.   The things they all had in common: no budgetno crewfriends and friends of friends as castno reshoots; what we shot is what we shot that daysolo operator or an occasional b-camera assist I look back fondly at them.…

  3. Seoul Jam Vol. 1

    Date 21 Aug 2018
    At an old job I used a Samsung Note8 for a video project.  Part of the review was to see how well the Note8 could work as a primary photographic and video device.  It worked surprisingly well I always wanted to revisit the concept but using a cinema camera.  This summer I did.…

  4. So Jin Fit

    Date 03 Aug 2018
    Sojin and I did a fitness ‘still motion’ earlier this summer.  It was a good experience but it left the door open for a more traditional photoshoot The bad news… Korea is currently in the worst heatwave in decades.  We decided to start at 8 AM and move indoors before…

  5. Canon EOS 5D in 2018

    Date 21 Jul 2018
    In 2018 I’ve owned the Nikon D850, Canon 5D Mark IV, Sony A7R Mark III, and Canon 1DX Mark II.  Each camera is superb. But they are photographic cameras first and video cameras second I sold my current camera, the 1DX Mark II, and used the money as part of…

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