Conceptual feat. Dream & So Jin

For So Jin and I’s 6th collaboration we added complexity.  

I first noticed Dream, a friend of So Jin’s, from So Jin’s social media.  At the time I thought she  had an interesting look and filed the thought away. 

I’m always on the lookout for a makeup artist to collaborate with.  It just so happened that So Jin knew one.

I’d had an idea for a gender twist high fashion concept for awhile and as schedules and people aligned we were able to make it happen.

At the ‘un-famous’ tier of being an artist photographers get perfunctory congratulations.  Everyone JUST wants the models.  

  • Photographers want to work with them.  
  • Friends and acquaintances praise, envy, or want to date them.
  • Strangers want to slide into their DM.

At the ‘un-famous’ tier the makeup artist is even less heralded than the photographer.  That is a travesty.  A good makeup artist at the ‘un-famous’ level is more of a unicorn than a good model or photographer.  So ‘Unicorn Leila’ know that you were much appreciated:

It was a long day between makeup preparation, going on location,  and the shoot.  We met at 9:30 AM and we said our good-byes around 6:30 PM.  

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