I’ve dabbled with flashguns off and on through the years but have been a natural light photographer for the bulk of my photography life. Last year I wanted to take a step forward in my craft and not be a slave to the time of day.

I thought about getting a Paul C. Buff Einstein seeing the results and experience from my photographer friend Chris, but their lack of international availability and support made it a non starter.

I jumped into the off camera flash world with the Profoto B2 system.

I have nothing bad to say about the B2 system. But you know how the expression, “the grass is greener…?”

ad200 vs. b2

The internet told me that the Godox AD200 was awesome. Smaller. More Powerful. Cheaper.

Why not sell the B2 and get a better system for cheaper?

That at least was my thinking…

My first AD200 arrived DOA (dead on arrival). My second AD200 worked but…

  • LCD display scratched easily; difficult to see in bright light
  • body scratched easily
  • XPro-1 remote was not as intuitive or easy to see in bright light as Air Remote TTL

The AD200 does not like the cold. I could not get it to fire reliably in the photoshoot below. Every so often it simply would not fire. Indoors or when I could warm it up it would fire reliably.

I stubbornly held onto the thought, “it’s good value! ”

back to profoto…

When I changed my primary body from Canon to Sony, Godox did not have a XPro-1 transmitter. Ok. No big deal. Rumors had it placed at the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018.

I couldn’t preorder it in Korea. I preordered from the US. And then last week I found out that my preorder was backordered. Again I tried to find a local vendor. Nothing. At this point I felt a low level loathing.

I didn’t loath Godox. I loathed myself for giving up a system I was perfectly happy with. I’d outsmarted myself.

I admitted defeat. I sold off the Godox gear. I took out the credit card and reinvested in Profoto.

I know the brand incites strong opinion like Leica, but for me it’s been a rock solid system. They’ve got robust support in Korea. I can’t say the same about Godox.

b1x field test

Thank you Sojin for braving a cold Korean February so I could test my new toy.

I feared the B1X would be too top heavy in the field without an assistant on hand. Instead I was pleasantly surprised that combined with the OCF Beauty Dish 2’ it was less of a wind magnet than the B2 + OCF 2’ Octa.

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