Sojin Fit

Sojin and I did a fitness ‘still motion’ earlier this summer.  It was a good experience but it left the door open for a more traditional photoshoot.

The bad news…

Korea is currently in the worst heatwave in decades.  We decided to start at 8 AM and move indoors before the sun rose and the temperature spiked.

I had reservation about the indoor portion of the shoot.  The gym is small and the lighting was a nightmare mix of natural light, tungsten, fluorescent, and weird purple lights.

It turns out we had nothing to worry about much to my relief.

The Canon EOS 5D continues to be a nostalgic favorite of mine.  Due to the primitive autofocus system and coverage and poor LCD screen it is like shooting digital film in a lot of ways.  You never know for sure if you nailed focus and exposure until you check on a computer.

My camera technique is definitely getting better the more I use this camera.

Using Format